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CTE Truck-mounted Aerial Platforms

Waimea Truck and Crane are exclusive distributors of Italian-made CTE truck-mounted platforms. Since 1981 CTE have produced and distributed more than 10,000 truck-mounted platforms and their business is built on reliability, building relationships and safety first. CTE's philosophy is centered around 'Work Becomes Easy' which fuels their motivation and passion to simplify the work of companies active in the lifting of people and objects.

CTE truck-mounted, non-insulated platforms are particularly suited for street light, faults and telecommunications work as well as arborists, construction, building wash, building maintenance and billboard installations. 

CTE EWPs have the following features that allow those working at height to do their work safely and efficiently; 

  • Compact installation on trucks means the units take up less space on the road or on the worksite 
  • Single area of work, to provide a fixed capacity without limitations
  • Reduced side-end dimension to take up less space on the worksite and avoid collisions with buildings, vehicles in transit or anything else
  • Stability on rough terrain, thanks to variable stabilisation
  • Increased lifting capacity, allowing two operators with equipment to work at height
  • Jib that easily passes round obstacles and can operate in hard to reach areas 
  • Absolute verticality with a single command, to work with ease, optimise working time and make 'plumb-line movements' in relation to walls (raise and lower the basket following a straight vertical line perpendicular to the ground)

Our current fleet of CTE EWPs are either articulating or double-articulating telescopic, offering work height up to 26m and working radius up to 14m. The 2 or 3-section booms support a 2-man bucket with a 230kg capacity.  

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