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Donghae Truck-mounted Insulated Aerial Platforms

Waimea Truck and Crane were appointed exclusive distributors of Korean-made Donghae Insulated Aerial Platforms (EWPs) in New Zealand in 2013. Donghae EWPs are designed and developed for live line electricity work up to 46kV Category C.  Donghae booms have become extremely popular amongst New Zealand linesmen due to the advanced setup and smooth control system combined with the excellent technical back up and support provided. 

Donghae EWPs offer the following key benefits:

  • Lower controls manage boom and outriggers and have an AML (Auto Moment Limit) system 
  • Upper controls come with a hydraulic tool port and universal joy stick control to allow for more accurate operation of the boom and bucket 
  • Hydraulic winch and jib boom are easily operated 
  • Bucket battery is charged automatically when the boom is fully retracted, stowed, and while engine is running 
  • Auto-stow functionality allows the operator to easily stow both the boom and bucket. With the smart cushioning system, Donghae protects both operator and truck roof from impact 
  • The hydraulic hexagonal boom shape prevents vibration when boom is extended or retracted 
  • H-type outriggers are fitted with a stabiliser sensor 

Our current fleet of Donghae EWPs all have a Cat C insulation rating, and come with a work height up to 17.5m and working radius up to 11.8m. The straight telescopic 2-section booms support a 2-man bucket with a 250kg+ capacity, and come complete with swing arm (wrap around bucket) and bucket lift slide. 

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