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Quicklift Compact Cranes

Our range of Quicklift compact cranes was born out requests from people in the field looking for a safe device to eliminate physical lifting. Relatively simple in a workshop, much more difficult out in the field. In addition, the ideal crane had to be as small as possible to fit, yet big enough to achieve maximum lift.

We used this feedback and an innovative approach to develop Quicklift compact cranes which have a remarkable power to weight ratio and are ideally suited for the New Zealand environment they are used in. Quicklift cranes are a great add-on for light trucks, utes, agricultural equipment trailers, boats plus much more. They are used by civil contractors, boaties, beekeepers and agricultural contractors throughout the country. 

Lifting stuff?

Here's why a Quicklift is a great choice for you; 

  • Quicklift cranes incorporate the latest technology, functionality and safety solutions so you can increase productivity efficiently and safely 
  • The crane's operation is powerful yet smooth whether you use vehicle-mounted controls or a remote 
  • Low power demand and low tare weight give you more fitting options, lower running costs and greater payload 
  • Quicklift cranes have a compact foot print, and the ultra compact stowing position and optional base frame (designed to be hidden under the deck) enable you to optimise space use around the crane 
  • We have fitting options for light trucks, utes, agricultural equipment and boats, and network of fitting agents throughout New Zealand. We can also work with your preferred fitter to help achieve the desired outcome 
  • Quicklift's impressive model line-up, modular installation system and a selection of accessories means you can tailor a package to suit your specific lifting and vehicle requirements
  • All Quicklift cranes come with a 3 year warranty for structural parts (base column and boom) and 12 months for all other components 

We are committed to providing light, compact and safe mobile lifting solutions with products designed to help you increase your productivity efficiently and safely.

You can browse our Quicklift range here, or give us a call to discuss your requirements.