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Fleet Optimisation

Lean On Our Ecosystem of Support for Power Utilities

We’re totally committed to providing the utilities industry with reliable equipment, reinforced by unparalleled lifecycle support.

We realise that your focus must remain on delivering your contracts. Our commitment is to provide the right equipment at the right time through our flexible model to support your workload.

Our ecosystem of support services ensures that we can tailor a product to suit your business whatever its needs are today. We support the product right through its life ensuring your focus stays on the job in hand.


Optimizing Your Fleet Performance

In the volatility of today’s market, we realise the need to remain flexible and give you the ability to adapt without committing to capital expenditure that isn’t optimized.

Here’s how we optimize performance:

  • Ensuring preventative vs corrective maintenance
  • Elimination of unplanned downtime
  • Long term reliability from EWPs through ahead of the time maintenance by trained EWP technicians

Our ecosystem of services to utilities includes short-medium term rental, longer term lease and a fleet management partnership whereby we supplement your ‘owned’ core assets with additional units on a flexible arrangement which you can call on based on the ebb and flow of your own workload. This means you don’t have capital underutilized, while ensuring you still have the equipment resource to deliver on your contract commitments.

Our range of service plans remove the cost and interruption in your business of:

  • Unplanned downtime
  • Evenly spread maintenance costs (no surprises!)
  • Keeps your fleet compliant with current registration
  • Protects its future residual value

For further information or to request a presentation on how we can optimize your specialist vehicle fleet, contact us on info [at]


Our Vision 

We believe in our vision of it being possible for specialist utility assets to be managed to avoid any vehicle downtime.

A key milestone on our way to delivering on this vision for our industry is Waimea Group’s 365 Performance Plan. This service brings you three levels of lifecycle support for Donghae & Versalift booms. These include lifetime warranty, breakdown cover and regular specialist EWP servicing that ensures your boom remains optimized.

For further information or to request a quote on an existing Waimea Group supplied boom please reach out to us at info [at]