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Major rebuilds

By law, power-operated EWPs must have a major examination after 10 years of use and then at 5 year intervals after that. These examinations are extremely comprehensive and require a rebuild of the EWP including removal of paint, grease and corrosion from critical components to allow for a complete and thorough inspection. The detailed visual inspection is backed up by tolerance checking of all wear components and non-destructive testing of all critical areas for signs of cracking, fatigue or excessive stress. We carry out major rebuilds in our on-site workshop, with final certification carried out by a specialist independent testing company. 

Using Waimea for your 5 or 10 year major EWP certification has several advantages; 

  • Collection and delivery - we can arrange for our staff to pick up and drop off your vehicle anywhere in New Zealand. This can of course be integrated with the rental of a replacement unit 
  • Efficient timeline - Waimea will liaise with you and agree on a timeline. This allows you to plan around the process and fulfil contractual obligations while avoiding client frustration. Please note the agreed price or time line does not include or account for manufacturer specific parts, or full hose set replacements if required 
  • Minimal down-time - down-time costs money and potentially affects your contractual commitments. We can supply a rental unit to keep you going during the rebuild 
  • Thorough documentation - when 5 or 10 year certification is completed we will supply you with all certificates plus a photographic record of the work carried out 
  • High standards - being truck-mount specialists means all work is carried out correctly and to the highest standards