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Product Support

Our truck-mount access and lifting solutions have been built especially for New Zealand conditions but, first and foremost, we are in the business of building long-term partnerships with our customers - something that only just begins when you purchase a product from us. We pride ourselves on offering outstanding - and ongoing - product support, which is focused around safety first and minimising down-time for our customers. 

On-site training 

on-site training when delivering a new EWP truckWe provide extensive on-site training to operators when delivering a new truck, ensuring the operator can confidently and safely use the full functionality of their new unit. Your sales contact at Waimea will be in touch prior to delivery to arrange this. 


Sometimes things go wrong and machines break down. Our dedicated after-sales support staff have in-depth knowledge of our booms and cranes and often they are able to sort out any issues over the phone, however, if the problem is more serious we can tap into a nationwide network of repair technicians who are familiar with our products. If your unit has broken down please call 0800 606061. 

Maintenance and repairs 

Our workshop is available to carry out repairs and maintenance on bucket and crane trucks, which is backed up by comprehensive on-site routine inspections by a factory-trained technician. Read more here

EWP and crane spare parts 

We carry an extensive range of spare parts at our workshop and strive to deliver the spare part within 48 weekday-hours whenever possible. If your rental truck needs a spare part and we can’t get it to you within the 48-weekday hour timeframe, we will provide a loan truck free of charge until your parts arrive. Conditions do apply, please talk to our sales staff. 

Major rebuilds 

By law, power-operated EWPs must have a major examination after 10 years of use and then at 5 year intervals after that. These examinations are extremely comprehensive and require complete disassembly of the EWP, something we carry out in our on-site workshop, with final certification carried out by a specialist independent testing company. In 2016 we completed the 10 year rebuild on the first ever bucket truck we sold and after being fully re-certified this unit has gone back to its original owner for another 5 years of service. Read more  here


We provide different warranties depending on what product you buy or rent from us and our sales staff will be able to provide you with detailed information that's relevant to your specific situation. Read more here

Talk to us 

Waimea has been in business for many years and we will do what we can to ensure you are satisfied with our goods and services. If you are not satisfied for any reason, please tell us about it and we will do whatever we reasonably can to ensure your satisfaction and your continued business.