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Donghae DHT150AS EWP on Isuzu FRR500 4x2 truck

Donghae DHT150AS EWP on Isuzu FRR500 4x2 truck BT1-2
Donghae DHT150AS EWP on Isuzu FRR500 4x2 truck BT1-2
Donghae DHT150AS EWP on Isuzu FRR500 4x2 truck BT1-2
Donghae DHT150AS EWP on Isuzu FRR500 4x2 truck BT1-2
Donghae DHT150AS EWP on Isuzu FRR500 4x2 truck BT1-2

EWP Specifications

EWP Manufacturer
EWP Model
Insulation rating
Insulated category C (46kV)
Working height
Height (ground to bucket floor)
Working radius
Boom style
Telescopic with wrap around arm
# of telescopic boom sections
Boom slew rotation
Bucket rotation
Bucket rotation powered
Maximum bucket capacity
Bucket dimensions
Control Type
Proportional - electric/hydraulic
Bucket lift slide
Hydraulic tool port at bucket
Jib (material handler)
Auto stow
Auto outrigger levelling
Utilities (street lighting / faults / telecommunication)
Live Line (G&B)

Vehicle Specifications

Stock #
Vehicle Manufacturer
Vehicle Model
Axle config

Stock #: BT1-2


This fully insulated, straight telescopic boom with wrap-around arm is an excellent unit for live line G&B, or streetlight work in a wide range of applications. When fitted to a 4x2 truck it creates a compact unit that can easily get around tight spaces.

A total of 4 stainless steel toolboxes are included in the standard build specification for carrying tools and equipment; 2 each 1900mm wide x 570mm deep x 522mm high, and 2 each 850mm wide x 570mm deep x 522mm high. Lockable bottom hinge door and adjustable shelf. Additional storage can be provided if required. Safety hand rails and grip tread are provided to meet NZ safety standards, LED flood lights can be fitted behind the cab and at the rear along with LED strip lighting inside the toolboxes. 

EWP details 

The Donghae DHT150AS EWP offers a 16.5m work height and 300kg bucket capacity on a fully insulated 46kV, Cat C boom. Combined with its straight telescopic boom and end-mount wrap-around bucket with  600mm bucket lift, this is the ultimate live line unit.
Additional features include auto level outriggers providing fast and efficient set up, auto-stow boom and an individually programmed collision protection system to stop boom interference. The automatic engine accelerating system improves fuel efficiency. Bucket can be tilted easily to allow cleaning and rescue. The unique Donghae operating system provides exceptionally smooth operator control and has proven to be very reliable.    

Truck details 

Mounted on an Isuzu FRR500 truck this is a short and compact unit with a very impressive turning circle. The truck is fitted with four toolboxes for storage.


Most insulated booms can take around 120 days from order confirmation to delivery, however we generally carry this popular model in stock which means we can fit it up to the truck of your choice within a much shorter time frame. Talk to us today about your requirements and we will do our best to your your requirements.

Please note 

Photos shown are of a recently completed truck. We can customise the build-up to suit your specific requirements on either a 4x4 or 4x2 truck chassis, please contact our sales team to discuss a solution that meets your requirements. 


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