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UNIC UBV260J Ocean Crane (crane only)


Crane Specifications

Crane Manufacturer
Crane Model
UBV260J series
Stiff boom
Max lift
Distance at max lift
Max reach
8.43m with 4 boom sections
Weight at max reach
Radio controlled


Safe, easy to operate, high performance, UNIC ocean cranes have it all. Fast lifting speed, outstanding lifting capacity and wide operating range give this crane a leading performance in marine environments. 
These cranes are highly regarded for their smooth, efficient operation in drift-net fishing, fish-breeding and other marine operations. They have a fast lifting speed of 17m/ min and a wide operating range of 1-81 degrees (UBV500J/ UBV340J series). Unic's tough, lightweight hexagonal boom minimises side sway and shaking, thus ensuring safer operation. The UNIC UBV260J crane series is ideally suited to be mounted on a light-duty boat. It offers a maximum lift of 2630kg at 1.6m. 

Crane details 

The UNIC UBV260J stiff boom crane can be customised to your requirements, with your choice of 3 or 4 boom sections, and installation anywhere on the boat. The standard crane comes with 3 boom sections giving you a maximum radius of 6.43m. It can be extended up to 4 booms or 8.43m radius. 
Wire rope cranes like the UBV260J series allow you to precisely position a load, for example when lifting on/ off board or raising nets from the water. This stiff boom crane has a 4-part load line and added safety features. The crane has manual or remote control options. We can supply powerpacks for UNIC cranes if required. 
The crane features; 
  • Stainless steel control levers and rust-resistant parts 
  • Main body designed to keep out seawater 
  • 15.5m/ min fast winch hook speed 
  • Digital Load Meter gives you cargo weight so you can be confident you don't operate the the crane beyond its maximum lifting capacity 
  • Hexagonal boom 
  • Over-winding device 
  • Choose between square or round base shape 

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The UNIC UBV260 stiff boom marine crane series can be customised to your requirements, with your choice of 3-4 boom sections which are not advertised here. Please contact us for a detailed quote and lead times.

Please note 

Photos shown are indicative only. UNIC marine cranes are supplied crane-only - please contact us to discuss your requirements. 


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