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Waimea specialises in truck-mount solutions and we offer the following product ranges:

  • Bucket trucks (EWPs) - insulated Category C and non-insulated bucket trucks for live line work, street lighting, fibre work, signage, tree trimming and construction 
  • Crane trucks for crane & carry operators or contractors as well as more specialised lines trucks designed to for utility operators to lift and carry additional payload 
  • Service/ support vehicles incorporate compact cranes, ladder racks and toolboxes for a wide range of applications in the utilities sector 
  • Compact straight cranes for fitting to utes, small trucks and even boats that will lift up to 3.5 tonnes 
  • Stiff boom cranes with winches for a wide range of applications including marine 
  • Heavy-duty toolboxes and accessories to complement our full product range 

Our custom-build truck-mount solutions for specialist applications where we tailor our most popular builds to your specific requirements 

We custom-build truck-mount solutions for specialist applications in the utilities sector and can tailor our most popular EWP, crane and service/ support trucks to your specific requirements. In addition, our truck rental fleet includes specialist crane trucks, lines trucks and EWPs (both insulated and non-insulated) and they are available for short term rental or long term lease. 

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