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Service Trucks

We have a growing selection of service vehicles available, both for sale and rent. The majority of our service trucks are built to order for customers in the utilities and tree maintenance industries. These trucks complement our EWPs and allow us to offer the complete package to those operating in the utilities sector. 

Service support trucks come in 3 different categories;

  1. Lines trucks have a crane to lift and carry extra payload
  2. Lines support trucks are designed to carry extra payload
  3. Chip bin trucks cater for those looking after tree maintenance 

Functionality for our customers is essential and we've included our most popular build-ups here. We would welcome your call to discuss specific requirements. 

Narrow down your search

To help narrow down your search, select the type of service support truck you are looking for from the green buttons below, or scroll down to browse the full range.

Please note

The vehicles in our rental fleet may not be available immediately for either rent or sale - we've included them in our overview to give you an idea of what kind of trucks we have in our growing rental fleet. You'll recognise rental units by their stock number (either 4 digits, or starting with E000). Read more about our rental fleet here

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