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A specialised fleet of bucket, crane and support trucks for rental or lease

Waimea’s current rental fleet consists of almost 60 trucks and we constantly update our fleet because we understand the importance of having late-model equipment that our customers can rely on. 

Waimea have a selection of vehicles suited to a wide range of applications;

  • Bucket trucks including compact urban booms for street lighting and low-level security and tree trimming applications, full-sized 4x4 trucks with fully insulated 46kV Cat C booms for live line G&B applications, and non-insulated booms with 12-26m reach
  • Crane trucks for general crane and carry work
  • Service trucks including lines trucks with a Palfinger crane, lines support trucks to carry extra payload and arborist units with chip bins 

Short-term rental rates are available up to 36 months while lease options start from 37 months and go for as long as the client requires. Both solutions provide you with a fixed monthly rate and all maintenance, servicing and certifications taken care of. 

The advantages of rent vs. ownership 

Renting a truck may offer distinct advantages over purchasing one. Depending on your situation, the advantages may include;

  • Try equipment before committing to purchase so you can be sure the style is correct for your application 
  • Zero investment in capital equipment
  • Short-term projects might not justify the capex to purchase a new unit
  • It's better from a cashflow perspective 
  • No fixed monthly running costs as Waimea pays for everything, except for insurance and RUCs 
  • Temporary fill-in while an existing vehicle is off the road for some length of time or while you are waiting for a new truck to be delivered

Browse through our current fleet by selecting one of categories below.

Please note that not every unit may be listed on the website, nor may it be available immediately. However, we always work with you to provide a suitable solution so please contact the team at Waimea to discuss your application and find out what is available.