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Service Trucks

Waimea has a fleet of service trucks available for short term rental or long term lease anywhere in New Zealand. These units range from lines trucks with or without a crane to carry extra payload to chip bin trucks with or without an EWP for tree maintenance. Our service vehicles complement our EWPs and allow us to offer the complete package to those operating in the utilities sector. Our fleet is modern and includes a number of well-appointed units added in 2017/18. 

Short-term rental is a great way to quickly acquire equipment to help meet short-term requirements, whereas long-term lease can be an economical way to get late model (or even new) equipment without the capital outlay and running costs associated with ownership. Fully maintained rates can include everything apart from fuel, insurance and RUCs and Waimea can even build a customised unit for your own application for long term leases. 

Browse our current service truck fleet below. Please note that not every unit may be listed on the website, nor may it be available immediately. However, we always work with you to provide a suitable solution so please contact the team at Waimea to discuss your application and find out what is available. 

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