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Quicklift cranes are the only choice if you want a reliable and well-designed product that saves you time and money. I run Quicklift cranes in my organisation and I cannot afford to change, due to back up service and assurance that this product gives me in my day to day operation. I am 100% behind this product and would say - if you are considering crane options, then make it Quicklift if you want to enjoy the service and advantages this product offers.

Kevin Simons, Edgecomb Honey

Our Quicklift is working really well, very easy to use. We use the manual extension just about every time we do a shift

Uli Abbott, Wild South Honey

The choice of the Quicklift crane I purchased for my beekeeping activities has proven to be the best choice I made. The backup service and customised package Quicklift cranes offer, sets them apart from all other options on the market and will surely be my first choice of crane on my next set-up. If you are a beekeeper looking to set-up a truck and want a reliable lifting solution with support and advice on what's required - then Quicklift cranes are your top option. 

Nick Mair, 4Bees Ltd

Our Quicklift has been the best decision we have ever made. Such a compact and light weight crane for the big reach and lifting capacity! It's a great little unit and has worked well in some situations I feel no other unit could have coped with. We have considered adding to our fleet and when we do, we want another Quicklift crane. It gets a lot of attention when it's out working - even from the Big Truck boys!!! We are impressed, and so are they. 

Roger Preston

Thought you might be interested to know our new boat 'Ata Whenua' has been finished for a few months now, and the marine spec Quicklift you supplied for this has proven to be just what we wanted. We purchased this for a specific application on board, but now it's an essential tool being used for all types of work we never considered on purchase. We would also like to say a big thank you to the team at Waimea for their specialist advice during this crane purchase. You listened to our requirements, and this means a lot to us. So thank you Waimea, and let me tell you, your Quicklift product is great! We could never do without this now and a Quicklift will be on the top of the list when setting up our next boat. 

Darren King-Turner, owner Seawatch Ltd

We run NZ's biggest beekeeping operation, and as you can understand this crane had done a lot of work with hive movement, and a number of operators have used it. We all love it.

It saves a lot of heavy lifting and even the oldies can now shift hives again. We have operated and purchased many other crane units in years gone by. But this Quicklift has proved to be exactly what we want in a crane for a small truck and trailer unit capable of carrying 56 hives on the deck and still be able to drive around kiwifruit orchards. And yes, we can double them up and carry even more hives! Quicklift - light, compact, trouble free and easy to use. I want another one soon!

Russell Berry, Managing Director Arataki Honey Ltd

I just want to thank Jeremy and the team at Waimea Truck and Crane for their help and for providing me with such an awesome bit of gear! After I broke both wrists in October 2014 and had multiple surgeries I was seriously having to reconsider my career path - however the 080 crane has proved to be a game-changer. I can now move beehives, drums of sugar syrup, pallets of equipment...whatever needs to be shifted, this crane does the job. The ease of use having a remote controller means I can hook the load up and walk alongside to stabilise it before unhooking at the destination, and the placement on my vehicle allows me to load both Ute deck and trailer without having to unhitch the trailer.

I love this crane! 

Matt Ward, Paradise Valley Bees

Good service although I ordered during the xmas break so I had a little delay. My employer has since brought 2 more and they arrived promptly.The box I/we got are well made and sturdy. I had a few small dents on the box I got. They could probably improve the packaging to save this problem. Overall a very good product backed by a firm willing to help if there is a problem. If you need a toolbox I don't know of any better than this product .


Excellent toolbox and well built. Great to deal with and quick delivery. Fits perfectly on a 70 series landcruiser.

Hamish Simpson